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This Is a Brilliant Hack For Centering Stickers On Your Next Craft Project

Simple and easy!

When working on a craft project, there’s nothing worse than thinking you have the lettering of a sticker word or name perfectly centered and aligned on the project, only to find out afterwards, that you actually don’t. At that point, you have to peel the stickers off and attempt to get it right again; hoping that it comes out the exact way you want, and if it doesn’t, then back to the drawing board - again.

Making so many attempts can be a nuisance, however if you want to avoid the “dust it off and try again” method, then you may want to adapt this simple hack from TikTok content creator @chicaandjo. This hack is so quick and simple!


In the video, they simply place the very bottom edge of the stickers, spaced evenly, onto to the edge of the ruler. Next, center the ruler over the project and boom - perfect centering every single time you use this hack!

This hack is way more effective than attempting to apply the stickers on your own by simply using your hands, especially if your hands tend to get a little shaky when doing projects like these!