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No Matter How Much You Love Plants, You Absolutely Need to Avoid This Particular One

Coming in contact with this plant can be painful…to say the least

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*Content Warning: This article contains media and information around suicide. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts please call the 988 Crisis Line.*

Plants are popular amongst many people for good reasons; they offer many benefits including being a great way to relieve stress while caring for them and some plants can even purify the air in your space. These are only some of the benefits plants have to offer and these reasons alone are enough to make just about anyone want to become a plant parent. But while having plants in your home offer many perks, there are some plants that you’ll want to avoid completely.

While it may not be surprising that not all plants are created equal, what may be startling to some people is how there are some plants out there can not only cause allergic reactions if contacted, but can be quite painful and even deadly as well. If you’re curious to find out which plant causes pain so excruciating that it’s allegedly caused people to end up in the hospital, check out this video from TikTok content creator @mndiaye_97 below.

Yeah, so we can definitely put this plant on the list of things we not only ever want to own, but one we never ever want to come in contact with. Typically located in Australia, the gympie-gympie plant (also referred to as the “stinging tree” or “suicide plant” in its’ native land) is notorious for having an extremely painful and long-lasting sting due to being ordered in tiny brittle hairs that are all coated with toxins that can potentially enter your body should you come in contact with this plant.

According to the information provided in this video, victims say the pain experienced from this plant is like getting burned with scolding hot acid while getting electrocuted and unfortunately it can last for days, weeks, months or sometimes longer.

Perhaps the worst interaction with this plant involves a man who allegedly wiped himself with it and experienced pain so excruciating that the only way he found relief is by shooting himself.

Please let this be a warning to avoid this plant completely.

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