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Woman Creates Behind the Couch Storage Out of Several IKEA Side Tables

Pretty genius and super chic looking.

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IKEA hacks are a real craze. They’re a great way to save money and create unique furniture, but anyone can also do them. 

If you have a small apartment or room, finding places for all your things can be hard. Instead of giving up, why not use the space you have? Using Ikea furniture and clever assembly, you can create a lot of storage in a small space.

This woman wanted more storage in her bedroom but didn't want to spend money on new pieces that might not even fit their current layout. Instead of buying new furniture or taking apart the bed frame that filled the room, she came up with an idea: repurpose IKEA side tables as a sittable storage bench behind her sofa!

"Literally genius!! So excited for this!!" @MEL 

Who doesn't love a genius DIY like this?

"I’m invested; please let me know what’s next." @Gracefully Exquisite

So are we. The end of this video wraps up with a bit of a cliffhanger about fixing her mistake. We love a good "teaser trailer" and trust the process moment.

She knew she was taking a risk by using plywood over solid wood, but it paid off in the end. She followed up her post with another one sharing the rest of the process and how she fixed her mistake.

The final product will a beautiful piece of furniture for years. She says she still loves it and has no plans to change it anytime soon.

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