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Woman Hand Carves and Paints Creepy Décor In Honor of Favorite ‘Stranger Things’ Scene

The Vecna would be most pleased...

In case you haven’t heard of it, Stranger Things is a massively popular American sci-fi television show that harkens back to the best of cheesy nineties drama mixed with amazing callbacks to the world of the 1980s. It is excellent for many reasons, and I’ve binge-watched almost every episode of every season as soon as it was out. One of the reasons I love it so much is the epic horror slash sci-fi scenes that hit my love for all things supernatural.

So when someone makes a fantastic Stranger Things-related homemade craft? You know I’m here for it.


I recently got sent this video by Faith Montgomery (Woodensense on TikTok), showing a stunning piece of artwork that blew my mind. It starts off rather simple, a drawing on a sheet of paper, but it only gets better and better from there.

A rough clock shape is cut out of wood, then the shapes of a clock wrapped in twisting root-like growth take place in more wood that gets layered on top. A clock face is painted on, then a beautiful layering of paint that makes the tree roots look almost alive and gives the overall painting an almost sinisterly-beautiful vibe. (I would pay just to have this painting at this point if I were being honest with myself!) The entire clock piece is hinged, and when opened, reveals a second painting underneath.

Now, I won’t spoil the inside for you (or what it hints at in the show itself), but believe me when I say it is great. It fits perfectly as tribute to this awesome show, and I’m far from the only one who believes that. Many are asking how and where they can buy a similar piece (for themselves or similarly Stranger Things-obsessed friends and family). Other commenters are throwing their own suggestions of cool ‘doors’ that can be done and I for one am fully behind this artist making a Nightmare Before Christmas-themed painting.