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Mom 'Strips' Her Bath Towels To Prove Why Washing Them Isn't Enough

Her two ingredient "strip" cleaner got out years of gross build up.

Laundry is one of my least favorite household chores. As a working wife and mom, I cannot tell you how many times I've left a load of wash, erm, "marinating" for more than few days. Things have hung out in the dryer until I absolutely need them. Beyond just hitting it with a rewash, I never thought to do more than that.

That was until I saw mom influencer @pampered_mama's "stripping" her laundered towels. And my god, was that water filthy


The towels she used were older ones, but ones she never the less regularly washed. These "clean towels" proved to be anything but. She filled up her bathtub and sprinkled in a scoopful of Borax and a scoop full of washing soda. She used her hand to mix up the powders throughout the tub, and then submerged her clean towels completely. Immediately the water became dingy and no, that's not dye my friends. As she said: "it's...something else." 

She then says that she drained the tub wrung out the towels, and  then re-soaked them in the same mixture for two more days because they smelled like pee after the first soak. She also noted that she changed the water until when she rinsed them they wrung clean. 

Followers were equal parts impressed at the mom's hack while also extremely worried for their own towels at home. One follower pointed out that it's also important to keep appliances clean too.

"I use backing soda & OxiClean on the clean cycle, it helps A LOT," they shared. 

All of this to say that if you think your laundry machine is getting the job done, especially on older, absorbing fabrics, you may want to hit them with this little cleaning cocktail.  

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