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Woman Shows Us Multiple Ways to Style Black Paint In Our Homes and We're in Love

Don't be surprised if suddenly there's a shortage of black paint…

Thanks to HGTV’s favorite Texas design duo, Chip and Joanna Gaines, many people have grown to appreciate the minimalistic look of using multiple textures complemented with wood accents and monochromatic colors; myself included, and apparently, I’m not the only one. Shelby of TikTok account, @diyanddesign_, shows us how to beautifully incorporate black paint into our home and trust me when I say, you’re likely going to want to grab a few containers of black paint after seeing this video!


From the bedroom, to the dining room, and even the hallways, the black paint easily upgrades every single space! While every single room looked amazing with the pop of black color added, I especially love the black shiplap in the dining room, as well as the black accent wall in the bedroom. I’m not sure if you noticed, but placing green plants against the black looks absolutely stunning!

Viewers in the comments loved these ideas! "Great suggestions! I need to do this haha,” @modbymaewatercolor wrote. “I have a massive black gallery wall in my living room. I LOVE it,” @nalastasia commented. “My bathroom ceiling is painted black and I love it!” @italia_bella_bella shared.

I know the summer season is supposed to bring out the bright colors, but I’m loving the idea of incorporating more black paint in my home. Anyone else also obsessed with these style options using black paint?