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Woman Doesn’t Blow Out Candles, She Does This Instead

Does anyone else use this method?

There is always something new to learn from the world-wide-web. When you thought you know it all, or at least the basics in life, something else comes along the way and simply blows you away. Or am I the only one who feels this way? Like did you know this trick to remove a ring off your finger? I certainly didn't!

This TikToker Juliet Sandford (@pjulietsandford) was also confused when her husband did this with their candles at home. 


Now I understand the purpose of the lid most scented candles come with! It all makes sense now. Apparently, this is the right way to put out a candle, by suffocating it. Who knew? However, there is some science behind this. This mainly goes for scented candles. By blowing out a scented candle, you risk the scent will fade and will be replaced by the smoke, which can linger around for a while and defeats the purpose of lighting a scented candle in the first place. Makes sense why it comes with a lid! Another option to put out a candle is a snuffer (it looks like a little bell attached to a stick) this basically does the same thing as a lid, as it suffocates the flame causing only a little smoke. And lastly, you can use a wick dipper. This method puts out the candle without causing any smoke and also prevents the inside of the candle - around the wick - to get any soot. Another bonus point is that dipping the wick in wax makes relighting the candle feel like breeze. The more you know! 

Knowing more about the proper way of candle care is quite crucial and can prevent many fires caused by a little candle flame.