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Forget Gingerbread Houses, Sugar Houses Are a Super Fun and Easy Alternative

It’s a winter wonderland!

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"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..." well in some parts of the U.S. more than others. But it is slowly approaching for all of us, so if you still need to find some DIY Christmas decor projects, now is the time to get started on those.

TikTok creator Lacy Bernard demonstrated a twist on traditional Christmas decor, and it looks sweet, to say the least! 

Do we love it? It looks so Christmassy and cute! 

It looks like she used royal icing - which basically acts like glue, just edible - and added white sugar to the mix, as well as powdered sugar that represents the snow on the ground. However, she hasn't shared the exact recipe just yet - and maybe never will - since it is her grandma's recipe and original molds from the '60s!

The molds might be the most challenging part, however, you might be able to find similar ones on Etsy, as Lacy suggested in the comments.

All she did was make the mix, added it to the molds, and let it harden. Then she removed the final pieces from the molds and bonded them together - with more royal icing - to resemble a house. Lastly, she just decorated it with some candy canes and other Christmas candy!

I like this version much better than the gingerbread houses, I grew up with. 

TikTok loved it too and begged the creator to do a tutorial.

Yes, please! It would certainly help to get an idea of what was used here and how to put everything together!

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