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Don’t Take Down Your Summer String Lights Just Yet… Do This Instead

This is such a great way to transition from summer to fall décor.

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Kids are back in school, summer is coming to a close, and we have officially entered ‘spooky season’, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave all that is fun about the warmer days behind!

So if you’ve got a string of lights still set up in your backyard, don’t take them down just yet! Instead, try this one cute little hack that could totally revamp your backyard into a Halloween wonderland!


This idea comes to us from TikTok channel DownMulberryLane whose main focus is on making their home pretty, as per their bio (and we think they do a pretty good job of it!) And like many of us, they decorate their backyard all summer long with things for their patio as well as string lights that drape over the area and light up the night.

But, rather than taking down these lights when it gets a bit too chilly to sit outdoors and enjoy them, this creator takes a different route and turns them into Halloween-themed decor with the simple addition of some jack-o-lanterns! Literally, all you have to do is grab some plastic pumpkins or other similar decorations and something to attach them to your string of lights!

Gather up everything you need and head outside. Wherever your lights are, take a plastic pumpkin and remove the handle before weaving your string or zip tie through the hole that remains, then attach the zip tie to the string on either side of the light. Doing so will allow the bulb to hang down into your decoration, lighting it up from within.

Pro tip here as well, as pointed out in the comments. If you are worried about rain getting into your plastic pumpkins or decorations, drill small holes at the bottom for the water to escape. These holes will keep your decorations from getting too heavy and dragging down, or even breaking, your line.