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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Those Sunflower Stalks

They’re actually very useful!

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Sunflowers are the favorite flower of many people out there, and it is easy to see why! These brightly colored plants can last all summer long even in harsher conditions, are beautiful even when cut, their seeds are nice to snack on, and provide plenty of nutrition to the various birds and other wildlife in the area!

But did you know they might have an extra purpose long beyond their growing season?


So Rebekkah of Riot.Laugh.Grind on TikTok recently shared something that we hadn’t thought about and not just about the flowers of the sunflower, but rather, its stalks! Yes, we all know that you can dry sunflowers and take their seeds for some delicious snacking later, but you can actually keep and dry the stalks for another purpose!

You see, the sunflower stalks are generally long and straight, which makes them the perfect alternative for creating trellises for your next year’s garden. They are the perfect alternative to garden stakes - their size and strength are a great match for beans, tomatoes, and other vining species that need a little extra help to grow properly.

All you have to do is cut them down at the end of the season or after the flowers have lost their blooms, then put them away somewhere cool and dry so that they can dry out. Remember, the stalks are still living things, so if not dried properly they could build up mold or other icky things. So you don’t want to put them somewhere that is damp.

Now some commenters are also pointing out that there are even more things you can do with sunflower stalks, including turning them into flour, carving them into flutes, or even used dried stalks for kindling! So if you need a little extra something to get your winter fire going, maybe having a small bundle of dried sunflower stalks wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world!