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Couple Gathers Family and Shocks Them By Turning Hangout Into Impromptu Wedding

The look on dad’s face when he realized what was actually happening was priceless.

We’re officially in wedding season! And while some couples are planning their weddings, there are those who opt to bypass the wedding planning process and simply exchange vows at the Justice of the Peace. To each their own, especially since all that matters is the couple choosing to do what they want and what they feel is best. And such is the case with this couple who opted to get married in a not so traditional fashion.

TikTok user @mrs.rumenapp recently uploaded a video showing how a couple gathered their closest family and friends to celebrate what they attendees thought would be an engagement party, but instead was their actual wedding - impromptu style!


What a lovely surprise! We love the casual and laid back vibes as a result of a having a surprise wedding. Judging by the look of his face, we imagine dad was pleasantly surprised with these casual nuptials. What a great way to celebrate your love and still have a wedding with your loved ones without dealing with the potential stress that comes with planning a bigger, more traditional wedding.

While it appears mostly everyone that attended the event were initially shocked, the video creator assured everyone in the comments that the attendees loved the idea and had a great time. “The bride and groom are very happy!! After the shock was over, everyone was thrilled and had an amazing time at the wedding,” she shared.

So good to hear! We love the idea of this unorthodox wedding. Would you do a surprise wedding?