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Still Throwing Away Leftover Bars of Soap? Do This Instead!

What a great idea!

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Whether you consider yourself an environmentalist who believes in being zero-waste or your simply a person who hates wasting anything, we have an amazing hack for you if bar soap is one of the products in your home that you typically have leftovers after it becomes too small to use.

Thanks to TikTok user @ephodia07, we now have a way to reuse those small pieces of bar soap and it’s so easy to do!


In the video that’s already amassed over one million views, the DIYer pleaded with her followers to no longer throw away those small pieces or bar soap and instead, take the soap pieces and place them in a pot with water onto the stove with a low fire. As the soap slowly disintegrates as you stir it with a spoon, the pieces will eventually become more of a slight liquid substance. Once this happens, remove the soap from the stove and place it into the bowl, stirring it a bit more before placing the DIY mixture into a soap dish container setting it off to the side to allow it to cool. Eventually, the soap will harden and become one regular sized bar of soap that you can use again!