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The “Sweep Method” for Cleaning Is Sweeping Parents Off Their Feet

Quick, easy, and efficient.

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Like most adults, you've probably used the same cleaning method for years. Maybe your parents taught it to you, or it just came naturally to you over time—either way, it's worked well enough for a long time. But if there were better options, would we still be using that old way of doing things? See for yourself.

In this case, yes! The sweep method is incredibly effective for cleaning your room in small chunks instead of all at once. It allows you to clean more thoroughly than other methods because each section can be done more slowly and carefully than when trying to get through an entire room in one go (which usually results in sloppy patchwork). 

Plus, it saves time by allowing you to focus on specific areas at once, so when all sections have been swept and put away, they'll stay neat longer than if they'd been touched by multiple people who weren't as thorough with their cleaning techniques.

Plenty of other folks had no problem sounding off in agreement with the genius of this cleaning hack.

"Evvverrrryyy neurodivergent person knows the big pile trick when the dopamine is poppin' LOL." @Ella Justine Feist

"YES!! My husband started doing this and it makes a huge difference!" @Tori Jones

Others were surprised that this was a "novel" cleaning hack to some.

"Wait, not everybody did this? I've been doing this for over a decade. I can’t bend up and down too much, so this is my best option." @LadyKarma6

The Sweep Method is a great way to clean up your room and keep it organized. It can be done in smaller increments, so you don't have to spend a day cleaning at once. Plus, this method allows parents to do a more thorough job when they're done sweeping everything into one spot!