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Wife Shares The Sweetest Wedding Tip for Soon-to-Be Brides

This will for sure create long-lasting memories.

We’re officially in wedding season and if you’re one of the summer 2022 brides, chances are, you already have your perfect dress picked out, along with the shoes to help you walk down the aisle. With your summer wedding being so close, hopefully you only have to be concerned with the little things regarding your wedding at this point.

And one of the little things that you should think about is your scent for your special day. Especially if you’re having an outside wedding, your scent should be something that your really put some thought into considering the special occasion. One bride, @amalianeaves, recently shared the sweetest wedding tip her and her husband decided to do with their perfume and cologne, and if you didn’t consider the importance of your wedding scent before watching this video, you’ll definitely change your mind afterwards. It’s so sweet!


Isn’t that a great idea? We knew it was necessary to wear perfume and cologne on you special day, but to put that much thought into it and wear that specific scent for every event regarding your wedding and for the honeymoon is such a beautiful idea! It will bring back so many wonderful memories about your wedding day. We love it and so do the people in the comments. “I did this! I still wear it and think of my wedding every time,” @carmenmarie15 wrote. "Oh my goodness- this is such a good idea! Thank you!! My fiancé and I are getting married in September and are definitely going to do this!!” another TikTok user shared. “That's so scentimental,” @torielee157 hilariously commented.

LOL. We totally love this idea!