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Apparently We’ve Been Putting Swiffer Pads On Wrong Our Whole Life

We had no idea!

When taking proper steps to keep your house clean, your floors are a crucial and sometimes labor intensive step. Whether you have hardwood, concrete or tiled floors, one thing you certainly can’t skip over is mopping. And while some people may prefer to use a traditional mop to get the job done, others look for something that may be a bit more convenient for their lifestyle, such as the Swiffer.

Such is the case for TikTok user @imdevotion. He recently discovered how to properly put on the Swiffer pads and while the comment section may be mixed with opinions, he’s amazed by his recent discovery.


As seen in the quick video, he simply takes a Swiffer wet pad and places it on the lid of the container. Next, places the Swiffer mop onto the pad and places each of the four corners into the slots on the mop. Such a simple and easy task, for sure, but we think he may have been more amazed with using the lid as a guide to properly insert the four corners into the slots.

Viewers took to the comment section to share their thoughts. “I thought this was the normal way,” @annelisethrifts wrote. “Or you can literally put it onto the floor your about to clean… same difference,” @ariannecee1 commented. “I'm super curious how you did it before, because this is normal,” @setttee…08 shared.

Hey, no judgement here, but is his recent discovery news to you?