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Over-the-Top Christmas Table Decor Has So Much Potential for Other Seasons

Truly, there are so many uses!

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Christmas is all about being over the top and decking the halls until no inch is left. It's also a fun activity for the entire family, such as creating a giant Christmas tree tent. There is something for everyone and every occasion when it comes to the holidays.

TikTok creator and interior stylist Kelsey went the extra mile and decked out her dining table for a festive occasion. Let's check it out. 

So cute, detailed, and festive! I would love to be a guest at her dinner party!

As you can see, her table included this Ginger Ray Table Centerpiece Clamp, a table runner in mint green, Christmas garlands and other leaves, gold and silver ornaments, and the color scheme was kept in earthy greys and greens.

I am definitely inspired to host a Christmas dinner looking at this video, and of course, so was TikTok. 

According to the comments, one TikToker (@purdyandfigg) wrote,

"Such a good idea!"

Indeed, it is.

Another TikToker (@sarahhughesofficial) posted,

"That’s such a cute idea and it stops that whole 'I can’t see over the decorations to the other people at the table' problem."

I agree! It is organized and not too crowded.

And @heyoitsmechey said,

"I love the stand attached to the table, was it stable?"

To which Kelsey replied that it is. 

It almost gives me forest vibes because of all that pine tree decor. I guess all that's needed, is snow - but fake snow, of course.

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