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Man Figures Out How to Make Plants Talk and It’s Mind-Blowing

You don’t need to speak for the trees anymore, they can speak for themselves!

Plants hold a special place in our hearts. They fill our gardens and can be given as gifts; they light up our lives and bring color into our world. But they are not pets, there is no way we can communicate with them and bring out what they think, either about us, themselves, or the world around them.

But what if we told you that there was a way? One TikTok user might have just discovered the ‘voice’ of plants everywhere, and here is how.


The LiminalEarth trio is made up of three creators: Bex, Garret, and Jeremy, who go around and map paranormal experiences and unusual phenomena around the US. Now this might at first bring to mind visions of ghost-hunters, but this intrepid team goes beyond that. Today’s creepy plus cool thing is the fact that plants can, if not talk, at least make sounds all thanks to some electronic signals and something called a ‘biodata sonification unit’.

That word might have freaked us out a little bit at first, too, but it basically boils down to ‘a device that takes electric signals (like the ones in our brain or that runs through the stem of a plant), then turns those signals into noises.’ These sounds are then run through a midi voice synthesizer, giving the plants a ‘voice.’

This theory seems incredibly cool to us, and one of the trio even goes so far as to invite a neighbor over to see it in action. And while we don’t get much ‘talking’, we do hear, at the very end, a phrase that seems a bit too clear to be happenstance, as one commenter points out. Were you able to hear the plant say ‘neighbor’ as clearly as we did, or is it all just a crazy circumstance?

One thing is for sure; we will eagerly await more coming our way from ‘plant voice’ TikTok!