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We Were Today Years Old When We Learned This Tape Measuring Hack

Wait, how did we not know this?!

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Many DIYers who do quite a bit of handy work that involves using tape measurers know first hand just how difficult it can be when you sometimes make the mistake of measuring something wrong and as a result, you now have quite a few markings and lines on your wall or piece of wood that you intend to use for your DIY project.

Well, rather than continue to mark up your wall or wood, there’s a great tape measuring hack you can do to avoid having multiple lines and we’re questioning how we never knew this before!

Courtesy of TikTok DIYer Jenna of @fromhousetohome, this simple, yet genius, tape measuring hack is mind blowing! If you accidentally make a line where you don’t want it, the back side of your tape measure acts as an eraser (as long as your tape measure have the rubber exterior) and you’re able to easily remove the unwanted line. We can’t say this works for every tape measure given that she mentioned in the comment section how out of the 10 tape measures she owns, eight of them worked.

Unsurprisingly, her followers and viewers of the video were just as stunned and impressed with this simple hack as we are.

This hack is truly beneficial for handy DIYers!

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