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Woman Gives Target Dollar Section Dish the Cutest Upgrade

Love this idea so much!

Upcycling is probably one of my favorite things to do and watch others do, and not just because I hate spending money on expensive decorations. Taking a piece of old furniture or something that has fallen out of fashion and turning it into something new and awesome is a fun and thrifty experience and one I wish more people would engage in. Every time I see someone upcycling something on TikTok, I have to pause and watch (and see if I could do it myself!)

You already know where this is going!


I was hooked when I saw the first brush of paint on TikTok user Becca Dwyer’s (beccadweyrdesign). The color was lovely enough, but then she brought me in with two phrases that I love: ‘dollar section’ and ‘Target’. Now, like most moms, I love Target; I could spend hours, if not days, and usually leave paying more than I should. But in this video, Becca shows us we can still get our Target shopping fix while not blowing the budget and still coming out with something that looks gorgeous in the end.

Becca says she found some small ceramic bowls in Target’s dollar section, and, while they don’t look like much in the beginning, that coat of paint followed by more color block pops of color make these pieces stand out. She tops it off with a matte sealant coating that helps set the colors off and shows off the final piece, which Becca says will be used to keep hair ties away from nosy cats and as a place to store her jewelry.

From drab to dazzling, this creator makes something I can easily see myself mimicking for my home.