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Mom’s Hack for Keeping Kids Distracted While Shopping at Target Is Pure Genius

Shop in peace!

I think I speak for most moms when I say we love going to Target. We cherish our moments of walking up and down the many aisles of the popular store, while adding the items we didn’t intend to buy to our shopping cart, in addition to the two or three things we actually went to Target for.

Scouring the aisles of Target can truly be a great escape from the mundane routine some of us stay at home moms may feel regardless if we’re busy working as well. However, the only downside to our Target shopping trips are when our kids don’t share the same excited sentiments as us and we sometimes have to cut our trip short. But thankfully, there’s a hack for that. TikTok user @madisengunter shared an amazing mom hack for keeping the little ones entertained throughout your entire Target shopping adventure. It’s simply genius!


This mom hack is golden, especially considering most kids love popcorn and with the generous amounts that are typically given at the Target cafe, you can now easily shop in peace. All you have to do is simply tie a Target plastic bag around the shopping cart handle, place the bag of popcorn into the plastic bag and let the kids enjoy while you enjoy your Target trip!

The viral video has over 1,200 mixed comments with some people praising the hack and others warning moms to be cautious giving younger kids popcorn due to chocking hazards. Of course, use proper judgement and be careful.

And again, I speak for Target-obsessed moms everywhere when I say “thank you!”