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Woman Shares How She Transformed Target Terrarium Into Mini Ecosystem

She hasn't watered it in months!

As seasoned plant parents, we all know each and every one of our green leafy babies require different needs. Some of our plants need daily watering, bright light and words of affirmation, whereas our other babies don’t require nearly as much attention and they’ll still thrive.

However, if you’re new to owning plants, you may crave the beauty of lush and full green plants, but prefer something with ease. And thanks to TikTok plant mama @_miavolk, she shows us there’s a beautiful plant terrarium to meet that very specific need!


She purchased a beautiful modern terrarium from Target and filled it with white pebbled rocks and soil before placing her tiny peacock fern and pink polka dot plant. Well, after a couple of months of providing one hour of direct morning light and only watering the two tiny plants once, they’ve grown so much that she’ll likely have to trim them back!

Followers were impressed with the minimal, yet flourishing outcome!

“Your plants are flourishing!!! Beautiful!!!” said one TikTok user. Another follower said “Love this! It would be safe from my cat too.” TikTok user @jay_vee87 said “So cool seeing them grow so much!!!”

Beauty and simplicity at its best. We’re here for it!

Now, brb. Off to Target, yet again.

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