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Dad Discovers Genius Cart Hack for Shopping With Infants At Target

This is brilliant for parents with babies in strollers.

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I can vividly remember my first Target run with my son. Roughly 3 months old and mama dying to get out of the house, so I packed him up for our first excursion with everything I thought we needed. When I arrived, my heart sank. Sure I had the diaper bag, baby wipes, changing pad, extra bottles and pacifiers neatly tucked into the stroller, but I hadn't you know, accounted for how I would actually get around the store with my usual cart load of unnecessary stuff. It wasn't like it was safe to put the kid in the cart. While I remember making it work, had I seen this dad's Target shopping tip, my first big solo outing would have gone so much better.

The tip in question I am referring too, his own wife didn't even know about it until they went on a target run together. 


Now of course, there is no safety guarantee on this hack, so should you try it, it is absolutely at your own risk.

But ultimately, this man is living in the future. All he does is simply slip the back two wheels of the stroller into the front wheel gap of the shopping cart and boom. He can now effectively steer both. Though we aren't quit sure what the turn radius is on that thing, but if it isn't too crowded and you need to get the job done, a parent's gotta' do what a parent's gotta' do!