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People Have Mixed Opinions On Teacher Rewarding Students for Having a Clean Desk

“I was a child with ADHD, and now a teacher. Never would I ever do this.”

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Whether you're a parent or a teacher, teaching your child or student organizational skills is crucial, especially since having a clean and organized desk doesn't just look good, it also feels good. It is like making your bed in the morning, as it sets you up for having structure in your life but also gives you a sense of pride that pushes you to complete other tasks throughout your day. That's the key factor in raising kids, we want them to be responsible and clean after themselves. 

To reinforce good behavior in class, teacher and TikTok creator Tina Schik (@missschik) rewards her students, who do a great job in keeping their desks clean. 


This is such a cute idea! She calls it the "desk fairy." As she shows in the video, some kids maintain great organizational skills, and others still need some work. The ones who did a great job received a note and a lollipop, and the ones who still need some work didn't get anything. However, some people thought it was borderline mean with comments such as, 

"I have ADHD (undiagnosed as a kid) and always had a messy desk. This would’ve made me so upset bc I’d never have an organized desk even though I tried." by TikToker @millenialmama91. 

To which Tina responded with another video, explaining that by no means did she want to trigger anyone. She also explained that her students know the drill and everyone has a chance to earn a reward throughout the school year. Other TikTokers thought it is a great way for the kids to develop some organizational skills and learn to be driven in order to be successful. 

Positive reinforcement is always the better option!