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Mom Stocks Teen’s Bathroom With Coolest Gadgets

We would not mind having half this stuff.

When transitioning from a little kid to a teenager, things can get quite expensive. Clothes, shoes, activities and more can put a dent in your wallet as your child’s interests change, which of course means it may be time for not only a bedroom redo, but a bathroom refresh as well.

For mom’s with teenage daughters, if you’re looking to replace their pink ponies and unicorns bathroom wallpaper with something a bit more simple and modern, yet relatable to their interests, then you’ll want to see this video from TikTok parent @letsgetpurdymaybe. She absolutely nailed her daughters’ bathroom refresh with these cool restocks! We wouldn’t mind having some of these in our bathrooms, TBH.


We would have loved having some of these finds as a teenager! We love that she thought about every single thing a teen girl would want and need such as hair collector and the waterproof phone case holder. The LED and puck lights with different colors and night mode is such a cool feature she added to the bathroom. Of course we absolutely appreciate the organization of the shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles, as well as the lotus flower q-tip holder. We can imagine some of these gadgets are must-haves in not only teen’s bathrooms, but in just about everyone’s bathrooms, and the comments section confirmed it. TikTok user @roseglitter82 wrote “My 14yr old says she needs all of the things now, LOL.” “I'm an adult but I want this bathroom lol,” @francetastic98 commented. “I’m a guy but hell, I want this,” @cyborg_cider_man2 wrote.

We get it.

Anyone else in the process of going to Amazon to shop for some of these cool bathroom gadgets?