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Mom Makes Bedroom for Book Loving Teen Even Princess Belle Would Envy

"With her nose stuck in a book," is a vibe.

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When your kid is obsessed with something as wonderful as books, you will do anything to help foster that love. Since they can't buy their own place just yet, you can help them turn their bedrooms into an oasis that supports and fosters that (healthy) obsession. One mom went all in on her daughter's book fixation and her room is turning into a mini library. 

The mom's ideas for the room are incredibly adorable and functional, which includes storage for all of her favorites. And her build? Utterly seamless. 


Because her collection is so big, mom through she'd give her the full library experience. We absolutely love how she constructed the ladder to roll just like Belle's from Beauty and the Beast, giving it grand library vibes.

The cool bookish elements didn't stop there. Mom made the wall with her closet a wooden paneled wall that hides the door. And instead of investing in wallpaper she did, well, this:


While the room is still in progress, we can all tell just how cool and special of a space this is going to be.