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Florida Woman Makes Totally Cool Lamp Using a Tequila Bottle

What a great way to recycle

For some people, when they’re done with their glass bottles, they usually simply dump them in the trash or recycle, however, for others who try to be more aware and conscious of the earth’s environment, they try to reduce their waste and find a way to reuse their glass bottles.

TikToker and DIY enthusiast @kellybazzle appears to be doing the latter by transforming an empty tequila bottle into a lamp and we’re impressed with the how it turned out!


To make the DIY lamp, she simply started the project by using super glue to secure a magnet to the top of the bottle. Next, she super glued the lamp shade onto the magnet before placing a magnetic puck light onto the magnet.

The completed project turned out so cute and was so easy to do! Viewers took to the the comments to share their comments. “This is a great idea,” @abeachlife4me wrote. “This is GENIUS!! GENIUS!! I have a table in my entryway that needs a light but there is no plug nearby. I am doing this! I’m so excited.” @lady_bug_1373 shared. “So clever! I'm definitely doing this. Probably should do four. Going to the liquor store now,” @luigidog2 commented.

Clearly, her followers are just as impressed with this creative DIY as we are. We love how she kept the bottle as-is, but if you want to attempt to do this DIY project, feel free to get as creative as you’d like!