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Man’s DIY Terrarium Earrings Are Super Simple to Make

And they look fabulous.

If you're like Santa's little helper and like to create something from scratch, doing crafty DIY projects are your answer. However, they don't have to be for the holidays only - such as Halloween and Christmas - but can take place all year round. For instance, creating some fun miniature terrariums, such as this tiny bottle garden DIY project.

You could also turn them into earrings. Just like TikTok creator Tino (@teanoux) did, as he shares in his video.


So cute! And so simple to make!

All you need are a few things you can probably get at Michaels or Amazon, such as empty tiny cork bottles you can fill with whatever you like, some short fishhook ear wires, some pliers, and stuff to make terrariums, such as moss and dried flowers.

The next step is filling them up, closing the cork tight, and attaching the fish hook ear wires. That's it. 

If you're not into making terrariums with plants and such, you could also use other things. You could create a tiny beach for example with some resin to resemble the waves and foam, blue food coloring as water, as well as tiny sea shells and sand. Or you can make a witchy poison bottle, perfect for Halloween. You could even create something Christmassy, like a tiny snow globe.

Either way, these tiny terrarium earrings certainly look cute and are quite unique! These also make great gifts!