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Woman Updates Quirky Terrarium With Fake Nails and TBH We’re into It

It gives it a more witchy vibe.

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Have you ever built a terrarium? It can be a whole lot of fun and is an easy way to bring a bit of greenery (living or not) into your house without needing to have a whole house plant or something similar involved. And, if you play your cards right, you can have something living and growing that fits your overall aesthetic, even if that look is a bit on the odd side.

Take Kelsey from the Painted Black Decor channel over on TikTok, who created an ultra-witchy terrarium using only a few unexpected items.


Now, Kelsey quite obviously goes for things that are a bit darker and creepier, so this look could be a little bit out of your norm, but personally, that’s what I love the most about it. To start the base for her terrarium she grabs a small hand statue that has an open palm and fingers pointed up.

But that isn’t enough. No, Kelsey also grabs some faux nails, the kind that you’d normally glue onto your fingers before some sort of event that evening, and attaches them to the hand’s fingers. A good spritz of black spray paint turns the whole piece into one cohesive look before she starts adding the bits that turn it from creepy hand into the terrarium.

The first thing that gets laid down is some bright green moss, and I love the color contrast between it and the dark black hand. Next is the lower jaw bone of some unknown animal, followed by a butterfly mount that looks like it could fly away at any second. One glass bowl laid on top later and voila - a terrarium that looks like it would belong on any witch’s alter!

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