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Man’s Modified Tesla Has a V6 Engine and It Has People Cheering

Engines are cheaper to fix than batteries after all.

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Elon Musk has a vision for the future of cars and all kinds of vehicles. And, as a man who’s never afraid to dream big, he wants to change how people get around. He's already brought us an electric car with great range and a semi-truck that can drive itself on busy highways. 

But what if, instead of driving your Tesla like a normal person, you wanted to make it cheaper to maintain? Well, you're in luck: someone out there did just that by putting a V6 engine into their Tesla Model S.

It’s a funny way of sticking it to electric vehicles and their owners. Electric vehicle owners can be smug about their cars, so it’s great to see one of them get owned by something as simple as a V6 engine.

Most folks in the comments seemed to share the same sentiment about pulling one over on electric vehicle owners.

"One of the few valid Teslas." @Austin

"It's cheaper to add an engine than a new battery replacement." @Naco

Of course, not everyone agreed. But we think this was just a smug troll from an EV owner. 

"Now it’s slower and costs more in fuel." @Traffic light racer

Although this might be true, you do save on cost when you don't have to replace the battery.

It’s a new take on a car known for it's battery. This "new and improved" model has something different in mind. A V6 engine might not be what you’re used to in an electric car, but it works surprisingly well with this one!

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