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Man Shows How to Get a Textured Ceiling Using a Mop

If you’re into that look, here’s how to achieve it.

The days of popcorn ceilings might be finally over since many homeowners or renters find other creative ways to give their ceilings a DIY update. Anything from wallpapers, fabric, or just a pop of color can change not only the ceiling's appearance but also the appearance of the entire room.

If you want to change your ceiling's appearance take some notes from this TikToker @halil_2014_2020, who demonstrates in his video, how to give a ceiling some texture without the popcorn effect. 


This look is quite different than your average-looking ceiling. And who would have thought that a mop can be used for other around-the-house projects, than just cleaning the floors? Just dip it in some paint and get to work. In the video, you can see that after he uses the mop to apply the color he then smoothens it out, and although the end results aren't being shown, you get an idea of the process. 

A lot of TikTok users didn't agree with this and some even said, this is worse than a popcorn ceiling. That's quite the statement because popcorn ceilings are probably one of the most hated types of ceilings for a good reason. That's because any popcorn ceiling that was installed before the '90s has a higher chance of containing asbestos, a fibrous silicate mineral that is toxic and considered cancerous. It was used back in the day because it is fire-resistant and inexpensive. The second reason why popcorn ceilings are hated is that they easily catch dust and discolor over time, and the way they look is considered ugly.

There are probably other ways to create a smoother ceiling that won't catch dust or discolor over time.