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This Dollar Store DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Will Blow Your Guests Away Without Blowing Your Budget

Such a cute design that comes together with minimal effort.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner I’m sure you've started the discussion with relatives of who will be hosting this year's Thanksgiving get together. If you are the one hosting it you know there is going to be a lot on your plate; cleaning the house for family and friends arivial, cooking food all day and prepping the feasts star of the show- the turkey, gathering dish ware and cutlery with matching toned napkins, and brainstorming the perfect centerpieces to tie the entire Thanksgiving table together.

Thanksgiving centerpieces often are made up of a mix of pumpkins, gourds, flowers, candles, and fancy vases. The cost of pre-designed Thanksgiving centerpieces from floral shops can be extremely pricey and making your own can get confusing if you don’t know where to start. DIY lover @jennybrownchaplin posted her DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece tutorial to TikTok, showing viewers how they can make their own centerpiece that is easy and inexpensive!


To make her design she starts out with four small Dollar Tree wooden boxes which she adds a coat of walnut stain to. She then cuts mini straw bales to the same size of the boxes and fits them snugly inside two of the four boxes. She cuts and places floral foam into the other two boxes and glues the edges of the foam and sprinkles straw on the foam. She attaches decorative fake flowers, pumpkins, leaves, and other fall trinkets from the Dollar tree into the wooden boxes with the floral foam and staggers them at different heights. After filling up all the empty space her centerpiece is ready to make its debut in the middle of her thanksgiving feast.

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