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"Everyone's Grandma" Shares the Easiest Way to Send Guests Home With Thanksgiving Leftovers

This is genius!

One of the best things about the Thanksgiving holiday is the food. The only thing better than that is having leftovers of the delicious Thanksgiving food to eat the next day (maybe the next week if you’re lucky). While we typically use our handy Ziploc bags and storage containers, we recently came across an amazing different (dare we say — better?!) option courtesy of TikTok content creator @brunchwithbabs.

In the video that’s already reached over five million views, “everyone’s grandma” shows us how this genius way of storing leftovers is the only way to do Thanksgiving leftovers. So what is the best way to do Thanksgiving leftovers, you ask? Disposable tin muffin pans! All you need to do is set up a leftover station and have your guests help themselves. Each muffin slot is the perfect serving size for leftovers and allows them the opportunity to get a little bit of everything. Afterwards, all they have to do is cover the muffin pan to take it home and whenever they’re ready to eat, remove the cover and pop it into the oven to reheat then eat and enjoy!

This is seriously so smart and we’re questioning why we’ve never thought of this?! And we’re not alone in this sentiment — many of her followers and viewers are in the comment section wondering the same thing — It’s genius!

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