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These DIY Name Tags Are Perfect If You’re Hosting Thanksgiving

These are so cute!

Thanksgiving is exactly one week away and if you just decided to take on the task of hosting this year’s family and friends dinner, then the dinner menu isn’t the only thing taking up space in your mind. Another important factor to hosting Thanksgiving dinner are the decorations and minor details, of course. And if you’re in need of some stunning last minute décor, we got you covered!

Courtesy of TikTok DIY content creator, @the_avantgarde, these cute DIY Thanksgiving name tags are the perfect little details to add to your Thanksgiving table. What’s even better, they’re quite easy to make!

To make these cute name tag rings, she used hot glue to attach two small twigs of rosemary together, forming a circle. Next, she used a silver paint pen to write each guest name onto a small strip of black paper and completed the simple and cute name tag by hot gluing the rosemary twig circle onto the black strip name tag.

We agree with her followers and viewers in the comment section when we say this idea is so cute and perfect for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! And if you want to reuse them for the Christmas holiday, you can simply add a cute and tiny red bow to create mini wreaths and switch out the name tags (if necessary to do so).

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