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Woman Books Themed Hotel Room On a Whim and Gets Huge Surprise In Her Shower

The Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah has a an adult themed room called the Sultan's Palace Suite and it is W-I-L-D.

A hotel can make or break a trip. If the place is clean, sleek and comfortable, you'll feel a lot better about being so far from your home. That's why a lot of travelers seek out luxury stays that feature sleek, modern designs. And those hotel rooms are often come with a high-price tag. While totally understandable, it does make traveling inaccessible.

If you're traveling on a budget and have a slightly quirkier approach to life, theme hotel rooms might be for you. But be warned: Things can get weird.

TikTok traveler @APrettyCoolHotelTour loves checking out weird and wonderful themed hotels that helps her and her partner travel on a regular basis. Her latest themed room find happened to be in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the theme was far more than she expected. In fact when she entered her room and found a bathroom she was almost too stunned to speak. Almost. 


We think it is fair to say that this was by far one of the quirkiest things we've ever seen. There is a giant dragon/phoenix statue that doubles as a shower. The water drains into a clawfoot tub that is elevated and appears to resemble a rocky mountainside. 

Not only does this room have a walk up dragon shower, it also has an elevated bed supported by two giant elephant statues. 

While we aren't sure she signed up for this wild of a themed room on purpose, we know she wasn't disappointed. I mean, how could you be?!

You can book your own stay here. And if you do pick any of these amazing themed rooms, PLEASE send us pictures.