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This 97¢ Stain Remover Is the Real Deal

It’s cheap and works like magic
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Stains, ohhhh stains, we all have had our favorite t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, leggings, and dress ruined by a stain that we have no clue where it came from. And every single stain removing remedy, trick, products, and expensive diy won’t get it out.

Apparently us spending the big bucks on fancy pants stain removing methods is not the answer, a 97 cent stain remover stick is as @sarahebaus promises.

After a stain has tarnished her favorite hoodie the woman takes her trusty dusty 97¢ stain removing brick out of her stockpile, places a little water on the stain, and rubs the heck out of it with the stain remover stick. The stain works itself out after some vigorous rubbing. The stain removing stick is called Fels Naptha and the woman claims “it's the best thing ever created”.

Commenters fled her video with comments that were all over the board, some who use the products, and others who couldn't wait to. @emilytheturtle19 said “The amount of fels naptha we used in high school theatre to remove makeup stains on costumes was ungodly”. Another commenter, @kyladanaelorenson said “Yup! My mom swore by these when I was in high school for my white parts of my cheer uniform and my brothers baseball pants!!”.

It sounds like this stuff really works!

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