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This Flower-power Pink Decor Is Almost Too Easy Not To Try

Pink lovers, unite!

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I’ll flat out admit it - pink has never really been my thing. I am far more appreciative of darker color schemes, and the recent trend of going all-black with decor and even wall paint truly has my heart all in a tizzy because… finally. But there are occasionally pieces of decor or even all-pink aesthetics that I can appreciate, especially when they are extremely well done!

Case in point, this ultra-modern, and ultra-cute, flower power-inspired room by Helen of HelenaAndCo!


So, the entire room starts off, as you might expect it, with a lot of pink. But not just any pink. Helen actually went so far as to tape off one entire wall in small blocks that she then painted in alternating colors. Some of the blocks are white while others are pink, but that wasn’t enough - not at all. That is why each of those blocks then gets a flower painted on it, through the use of a simple stencil, in the alternate color.

The other walls are painted a similar shade of pink to help offset the accent wall, along with some darker pink trim as well as a door. There are a few things that aren’t pink in the room, but even those are a lovely shade of pastel turquoise that manages to work with all that pink. Personally, I think the addition of the extra shade really helps make the base pink pop even more.

Helen follows this up by continuing her pink theme up onto most of the rest of the decor, with some pretty pink paintings, shelves, vases, candles, and more. I also really love the offset white furniture pieces, especially the oddly shaped dresser that has a whole bunch of curve-shaped places to store, you guessed it, even more pink things.

Overall, it’s an adorable room and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would love it in their own homes!

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