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This Simple and Hilarious Decor Piece Is Trending on TikTok...And Everyone Wants It

TBH...every bathroom needs this.

Long gone are the days where people would take the morning paper, head to the bathroom to sit on the toilet…and still be there minutes later. Nowadays, though, we have our cell phones which grants us access to just about everything in the world. We can watch our favorite movies, scroll for hours on social media or catch up on our favorite channels on Youtube, so it makes sense why people will spend at least 30 minutes on the toilet, distracted by their phones.

Recognizing this, TikTok user @thesunnynestdecor uploaded a video showcasing a sign that read the perfect message for those toilet seaters whose minds often wander a little too long while on their phones!


Ha! How perfect is this sign for your bathroom?! It'll be perfect to hang on the wall right across from the toilet and we love how basic and accurate it is! And with over 7 million views and 400,000 likes, it’s safe to say we’re not the only ones. TikTok user @alisha_rytting wrote “I need one of these.” Uhhh same. Another user commented “Girl! I can't put that in my bathroom because I'm the that person, using it as a lounge to escape kids and life.” LOL, we’re guilty sometimes as well. TikTok user @keefer wrote “Sometimes it's the only place for peace and quiet.”

Hey, there’s no judgement here. We get it. After all, watching a little youtube or scrolling through Tiktok while relieving yourself won’t hurt anyone, just try not to be there all day doing so! LOL