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Mama’s ‘Thread Journal’ Is a Project Every Sewist Mom Will Want to Copy

This is such a special idea.

As parents, we sometimes struggle between wanting to capture every cute thing your child does and simply being in the moment with them. While it’s understandably a hard balance to try and find, considering you want to be present with your child, yet you also want to hold onto that special event forever, it’s a great moment when you are able to find that balance in the most special way.

Rather than snapping a photo and taping it in a memory book, this TikTok mom Steph Evans of @evanssentcreations decided to do something a little extra and cute and document her daughter’s memories via thread journaling. We’ve never heard of this activity before, but we’re suddenly interested in sewing!


In addition to regularly journaling in your baby’s memory book, thread journaling is a great way to document your baby’s milestone in the cutest and most unique way. We love this creative idea! How she was able to sew on the little red and black rain boots to reflect her daughter wearing them is just too adorable, as well as the other special moments on that thread journal.

Unsurprisingly, people in the comments were just as fascinated with this cute project as we were, too! “That's such a wonderful idea, it's really lovely,” @stephiejane83 wrote. “Wowsers, I just love this!!” @catbitz1485 commented. TikTok user @hez_botanical_magic commented “How beautifully unique.” In which the creator of these cute journals responded “No two thread journals will ever be the same!”

We absolutely love this idea!

Anyone else ready to go to her website and get started with thread journaling?