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Try These Three Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks Before Your Guests Arrive

Your bathroom will never look better!

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I know you are probably already running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to make sure that everything is all prepped and ready for the holidays. And, if you are anything like me, then cleaning has been a huge part of that. Holiday cleaning is a special kind of cleaning, and knowing that people are coming over I typically wind up cleaning things that I normally don’t throughout the rest of the year.

Luckily for all of us there are super cleaners out there who have come up with easy tips and tricks to making cleaning our spaces a little easier and less stressful, such as these bathroom cleaning hacks from Chantel Mila!


So, tip number one - don’t forget about your fabrics, including bathroom rugs! Often these rugs are the worst for trapping smells, mostly because they tend to be a little damp all the time. Take a mix of baking soda and some essential oils of your choice and sprinkle throughout your bath mats for a little while before tossing them into your washer. You can also throw in your towels, including hand towels, as well for an extra deep clean and smell good!

The next tip involves your mirrors. Now, my mirrors tend to fog up constantly, and have little fingerprint smudges all over them. But both of these issues can be solved by simply buffing in some shaving cream! Take a small cloth, add a little cream to your mirrors, then rub it in with a small circular motion. This will help prevent both fogging and more fingerprints from appearing, making them appear cleaner for longer!

And finally, get yourself a dish wand and fill it up with a fifty-fifty mix of white vinegar and your favorite dishwashing liquid such as Dawn. Using the dish wand will allow you to cover a lot of ground pretty quickly, including those nooks and crannies that always seem so hard to get to! Give everything a quick rinse or wipe down and voila - the cleanest bathroom you’ve probably had in a while!

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