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Woman Transforms $2 Thrift Store Glassware Into Adorable Candles

Pst… all candle lovers will get down with this.
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Nearly every Goodwill, antique, thrift, and second hand store has an entire aisle dedicated to cups, mugs, and glassware. All mismatched and crammed on the shelf, stacked one on top of the other.

One of the most inexpensive things to buy with most of them not costing more than a few bucks but often passed by. A lot of this glassware gets left behind because it's rare to find a matching set and some of the cups have the silliest colors, patterns, and shapes.

TIkTok content creator @annamolinstinct thought of the most genius idea that uses all the unwanted and unclaimed thrift store glassware.

The woman purchases all her cups, tea pots, and fine crystal from the thrift store for no more than $2 each. She takes them home, gives them a clean, and melts down candle pearls. In each cup she places a wick, pours in the candle wax, and decorates the top or colors the wax according to the specific vessel that she is working with.

Her viewers loved the video, some of the comments read “Running to do this rn” and “this is so smart! Thank you”. We love this idea just as much as the viewers did!

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