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Sustainable Stylist Shares Creative Ways To Use Thrifted Bookends That Don't Involve Books

Bookends might be your new thrift store "white whale" thanks to this idea.

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If you're just getting into thrifting, the biggest piece of advice you should take is to see potential outside of design use. For instance, and old hutch used to display china can be reimagined into a gorgeous plant terrarium. You could flip boring outdated dressers into modern luxury dupes. Truly with a little ingenuity you can upcycle things in creative and functional ways, 

Sustainable stylist Sarah Teresinski is a pro at doing this. One of her latest and most creative upcycles? Seeing the potential in old bookends. 


In fact, she devised four ways to reuse cool bookends. Heavier ones are fabulous as a fashionable door stop, which is perfect for keeping the door open on spring days or during a party where there's a lot of foot traffic. You could also simply pop them on an accent table (not in a pair) to make it look like a fancy statue. She also cleverly used it to sandwich cloth towels and napkins to really fancy up the kitchen or even a charcuterie board. Lastly, she put bookends to work holding her small clutches, making her handbags a display as well as easily accessible. 

If you keep a sharp eye about you, you'll likely be able to score these for under $10. Can't beat that!