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Woman Turns Thrifted Candle Holder Into Propagation Station

So cool and functional!

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I am one hundred percent down for plant propagation. It is one of the easiest and best methods to keep your favorite plants around for years without having to make trips to the store to buy new ones, and the method can even be used to gift others with those same plants! I mean, who doesn’t want an adorable baby succulent as a cute little gift? (Hint hint, that’s me. I want one!)

So whenever I get to see someone doing plant propagation, especially using thrifted items the way TikTok creator Anna Rose Johnson did, I have to jump all over it and share it with you all ASAP!


For Anna, thrifting is obviously a language of love and dedication. It means being able to take something old, perhaps even something that someone threw or would throw in the trash, and turn it into something usable and even beautiful.

This is exactly what happened when she recently came across an old wooden candle holder. While most people would look at it and think ‘junk’, Anna saw something she could totally use for plant propagation! So she took it home, took it apart, cleaned it and sanded it down, and gave it a bright new walnut stain to bring out its original color.

In the original candle holders, Anna takes some nice propagation jars and glues them into place. Some additional clear, waterproof caulk is then added to make sure everything stays in place, even over time. Finally, she adds water to the jars and pops in her propagation ‘sprouts’, and lets the magic of the growing process take over!

And there you have it! Some gorgeous plant jars from something that would otherwise simply become yet another part of a landfill somewhere! Makes you wonder what else you could do, doesn’t it?

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