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What This Woman Does to a Thrifted CD Rack Will Have You Hunting For One

We could raise a glass to that!

If you grew up in the 90s or were simply old enough to remember the decade, then you remember what now considered to be nostalgic items such as VCRs, cassette players, video rewinders, and of course the popular CD players. And if you had a CD player, chances were, you also had a cool CD rack too.

While those items are no longer a hot commodity nowadays, it’s possible for some people, like TikTok content creator and DIYer @simplystyled.inspo, to still come across these nostalgic finds at thrift stores or garage sales. However, rather than use the thrifted CD rack to hold CDs (because, really, not too many people may still have a huge CD collection), she found another cool way to use the CD rack!


As seen in the video, she took the wooden CD rack, sanded it down and painted it white before adding leather strips that were cut from thrifted leather belts she owned. After adding the leather strips, she added tiny brass nails to hold the straps in place and slid her bottles of wine into the loops created with the leather straps. And now, we have a beautiful repurposed wine rack, folks!

It’s so simple, beautiful and we love how she also used a few of the shelves to hold her gorgeous plants as well.

Here’s to hoping we find a CD rack during our next thrift store run!