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Mom Gives Entirely Thrifted Nursery a Facelift and Its a 70s Dream

We're *obsessed*.

Nurseries are such places of beauty and comfort. They are the perfect place to lay down your child to rest, and should grow with them as they age; from babyhood to toddling around to being a young child. That is why I absolutely love looking at the various nursery inspirations sent in to us from TikTok and maybe getting a few ideas of my own.

Of course, there are a couple of nurseries that still blow me away. And when you combine great inspiration with being able to thrift pretty much everything? Yep, you have won my vote!


Today’s nursery inspiration comes straight from creator, Megan Daniel Hoang aka Another_Internet_Mom. So what is so special about this set up? Well, for one I have got to say I love the seventies vibe it has got going on. Retro oranges, yellows, browns, and pops of white grace various pieces of furniture with intricately painted lines that previous generations will probably remember pretty well. Meanwhile, hippy swirls and loops cover the walls in the same color palette, making me think of an old-school roller rink or maybe a small town carhop diner.

To add to the aesthetic there are a couple of truly vintage pieces, a chair that looks like it was pulled decades ago straight from my grandmother’s home, alongside mustard yellow lamps. Overall the look hits that perfect sweet spot on the retro vibe scale without going cheesy or ugly. And thank goodness, there’s no shag carpet.

So what are the commenters saying? Well, aside from remarking that it looks like an awesome nod to ramen noodle packaging (and not in a bad way), most are absolutely in love with the overall look. As one commenter says ‘this is retro seventies at its best’ and I could not agree more!