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Thrifted Table Gets Stunning Mosaic Makeover

We love the pattern!

How often have you passed by something dumped out on the street that once was a beloved piece in someone’s home? Was it a much-loved on couch that had been worn to threads before being put out on the curb for pickup? Or maybe there was another piece of furniture that just no longer fit in their former owner’s aesthetic. Though these items may look like junk at first, they can sometimes be thrifted and turned into something new and exciting with a little bit of ingenuity and some elbow grease.


Hallie Koch (th1tpainterchick from TikTok) saw a diamond in the rough when it came to her side-of-the-road find. The piece appears to be an old, somewhat beaten-up coffee table with metal legs, nothing special at first glance. But what Hallie did with the table will completely transform its look, turning it into something modern and giving crafters and thrifters everywhere a new project to try for themselves.

After bringing the table home, Hallie shows us that she made another trip to town to head on to local thrift and dollar stores to grab some cheap but good-looking plates. (And can I just say how much I appreciate how nice these thrifted plates look on their own?) But rather than putting them up in her cabinets or out on display, Hallie actually winds up smashing each and every plate down into smaller shards.

Now, before you go thinking that Hallie is wasting her money, just wait and see what she does. Some tile adhesive is used to glue down various craft marbles and the new shattered pieces in an intricate pattern on top of an old panel board. (Once again, making almost every part of this project thrift-related!) The result is a beautiful swirled pattern of clear marbles and blue-and-white tiles forming a stunning mosaic piece. A little tile grout helps hold everything in place and make it outdoor-ready, though unfortunately, it looks like Hallie runs out just before she manages to finish!

Even unfinished, this mosaic tile table is stunning and you can bet we will be checking back to see if Hallie ever went and bought more grout to finish it up!