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Woman Cleans Tub Tiles With Tide and You Won’t Believe How They Shine

Her DIY concoction might be worth a shot

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It’s no secret that folks are huge fans of the Tide brand. For example, it’s the only detergent much use on their clothes. But what you might not know is that the Tide brand has cleaning products! And today, we're going to talk about how you can clean your tub tiles with Tide and they will look brand new again.

The internet is always ready to go viral over cleaning tips, and this one is no exception. The reason? It’s simple—the results are amazing! This woman was fed up with the dingy look of her tub tiles and decided to try something new. 

"That’s brilliant. Thanks for the tip. Can’t wait to try bleach and Tide combo." @user7349601781057

We couldn't agree more. And others wondered just how well it worked.

"Must ask….how well does it work? There are 6 of us here. After my hands and knees scrub today….I need it." @Anna

It’s always great to see people share ideas and get excited about them! We’ve all seen plenty of videos like this, but it never gets old seeing people try new cleaning techniques and sharing the results with the world. This woman found an easy way to clean her tub tiles without having any special equipment or chemicals at home. 

It might not be ideal for everyone since Tide can be expensive if used regularly as part of your daily routine; however, if you have some spare time one day before guests arrive unexpectedly, it could save you from panic-induced sweating!

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