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Don’t Throw Away Those Round Tide Containers: Turn It Into a Cute Christmas Decoration Instead

We love a good upcycle.

These days it is better to upcycle than recycle, it seems. Especially when it comes to Christmas decorations, home decor, or cocktail glasses. But there is so much more around the house you can use for upcycling.

TikTok creator Cortney (@barefootandfreckled) shares in her video what to do with those empty Tide pod containers and it is genius!

I am impressed.

All you need are empty Tide pod containers, two different types of knitted beanies - a basic one and one a little more fancy, hot glue, white faux fur, and a few wooden knobs. 

You would place the Tide pod container in the basic beanie and glue the ends together, so the container is all covered. Then you place the fancier beanie on top of it and cut a little hole in the basic-looking beanie, cut some faux fur to size - which will represent the beard, and lastly glue one wooden knob - which will represent the nose - directly to the Tide pod container. 

That's it - you created a cute little Christmas gnome. In addition, you could paint the wooden knob red and turn it into Rudolph the red-nose reindeer by adding antlers made out of wooden sticks. You can also make a Santa or a snowman version, such as Cortney did in this video

The best part is that you probably already have most items laying around, such as a Tide pod container, old knitted beanies, and perhaps some hot glue. You could also use cotton balls instead of faux fur, and if you don't have knitted beanies, you can get them at Goodwill for cheap or the Dollar Tree. 

Such a cute little DIY project you could totally do together with your kiddos.

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