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Dad Blames Kids For Rolling Toys Into His Car, But Security Camera Catches the Eerie Truth

A mom was reviewing security camera footage to see which kid hit their family car with their toys, but discovered neither of them were to blame.

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Every parent knows that accidents happen. When it is unintentional and harmless, it really isn't anything to stress over. Never the less, actions do have consequences, and those consequences need to be fairly dolled out to the right person. Sometimes you want to know which kid was "guilty" so you can just talk to them about it, but what do you do when the two of the double down that it wasn't either of them?

If you're the mom in this video on TikTok you do what any other modern mama would do: You review the tapes. Allegedly one of her kids rolled one of their toys from the garage that was open into their dad's truck. When she went to confirm which one of them it was she ended up with a pretty big surprise. 


When you look at the tape, you can see that there is something that slides into the front of the car but you cannot see who is pushing it. That's when she pans over to another camera that was recording a different area at the same time. In that view, you can clearly see her kiddos playing, no where near that garage.

While she has yet to get to the bottom of it, she knows her kids were not the likely culprit, and that chair was moving pretty forcefully and seemingly intentionally. 

What do you think it could be?