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TikTok Grandmom Is Stealing Hearts While She Sets Her Table

Can she adopt us?

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Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts for sure, but grandmas in particular, are truly one-of-a-kind. They’re practically a second mom- loving you unconditionally and looking out for you as though they birthed you themselves.

From calling you to simply check-in, to making your favorite meal as soon as you walk through the door, grandmas have a way of making you feel extra loved and special.

And that’s exactly how this grandmom, @shifferdiane made almost one million people feel (myself included), when she posted this genuinely lovable video on TikTok showing us how she lovingly and patiently sets the table - akin Table Wars style - while softly explaining every single detail.


She starts off by placing a white table cloth with embroidered baskets of fruit on each corner onto the table. She then follow up with her vintage matching linen placemats before adding cornflower blue petalware and hand painted juice glasses onto the placemats. She proceeds to fold the napkins to show off the pretty fruit before setting down her 1960s flatware. Next, she whips out her favorite coffee set which displays a lovely bunch of fruit - staying on brand with the rest of her table set. Afterwards, she places the salt and pepper shaker, brown sugar and a vase filled with a beautiful and bright bouquet of pink tulips. Finally, she seals the deal with stealing our hearts by asking “How do you like your eggs?”

Of course her viewers flooded the comment section with warm words.

One user said “Can I just stay a minute? life is hard lately and I just want to be here for one quiet minute.” To which she replied “You stay as long as ever you like my darling. Let me pour you a cup of something warm while I make your breakfast.”

Can’t you just feel the love? On our way, grandmom.