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Model's "Trader Joe's" Flower Hacks Make Them Look Like They're From a High-End Florist

Love the flowers at Trader Joe's but have no idea what to do with them? This dude has got you covered.

As an avid fan of Trader Joe's I couldn't "stan" the flower section more. It is a robust spread of extremely affordable flowers that range from roses to Sweet Williams. But I will say, as a non-florist, the idea of arranging them myself is slightly intimidating. But why did I ever stress? Because if life has taught me anything in the past few years is that if I have a question, TikTok has a hack for me.

And this time, the "hack" is being delivered by the handsome and talented @floweracademia. Dubbing himself the TikTok Florist, his goal is to "help the fellas" make their own bouquets to impress their S.O.s. But so many other folks are loving his tips for bouquets to freshen up their homes. 

During his fast paced videos, he tends to drop nuggets of wisdom for anyone looking to arrange flowers at home. He advises on how much green to trim and remove, and also gives tips on how to select the best flowers for the occasion or household needs. He even has tips for opening up flowers and how to make them last longer.

Is anyone else swooning as much as I am? Be sure to check him out for all your special flower arrangement ideas